Andrea is Whitefin’s Captain. He  was born in Padova – Italy 58 years ago. He started sailing at the age of 11 years on his familiy’s boats. He graduated in mechanical engineering at the University of Padua and was industry director for many years before devoting himself full time to boating. He has always spent his free time sailing, especially in regattas , obtaining more than 80 trophies in all national and international sailing classes. With more than 50,000 miles sailing in the Mediterranean sea, he knows in detail coasts and harbors of Italy, Croatia and Greece, the destinations proposed for Whitefin cruises.

He has a sunny and sociable character, always ready to engage guests and friends in the art of navigating. Sailing enthusiasts with Andrea will learn all the techniques of sailing and will be ready to face the experience of racing perhaps even on board Whitefin.

He plays the guitar and loves all motorsports. In his spare time he practices motorbike off-road, skiing and gardening. He is very dynamic and you will find him always busy in many activities.

Native Italian, Andrea speaks fluent English and French discreetly. He has the title of RYA/MCA Yacht Master Offshore with Commercial Endorsement – STCW95.



Chef de cuisine

Francesca is Whitefin’s chef. She was born in Cagliari 33 years ago and she still leaves in the beautiful sunny Sardinia.  She has been passionate of cooking since she was a young girl and she experienced the role of cook and chef in several yachts in for the last 4 years. Her specialty is the Mediterranean cuisine, simple and tasty made of fresh ingredients.

Francesca is not just a chef, she is an active member of the crew also at the maneuvers. In fact in winter she works as an acrobat in a circus. This makes her particularly suitable for all maneuvers that require physical agility and also strength. A truly eclectic woman. She has a sunny and always smiling character. In her spare time she loves nature, enjoys music, dancing and all the manual activities.

She studied languages at the Foreign Language High School In Cagliari and at the Circus School in Madrid.

Besides her mother language Italian she speaks English, French and Spanish.



Deckhand & Steward

Riccardo is one of Whitefin’s Deckers. Born in Siena, Italy, in 1994, he began to sail in childhood with his parents and has loved him since then. He studied Nautical Engineering at the University of La Spezia. Riccardo spent almost all his free time sailing on his parents’ boat or training, instructing and competing on dinghies, winning many races and championships. His sailing experience began in Castiglione della Pescaia, on the coast of Tuscany, and soon expanded to include most of the central and western Mediterranean.

He has a very sociable personality and is always happy to help guests and crew in any possible way. In his spare time he also practices piano, jogging and swimming. He is a very practical person and is always ready for any engineering work to be done on board.

Riccardo obtained his unlimited Italian sailing license at the age of 18 and then reached his RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail, AEC and STCW95 in 2017, along with many other qualifications. He is native Italian, fluent English and basic Spanish.



Deckhand & Hostess

Kerstine is one of Whitefin’s deckhand. She is French and she was born in Nantes 29 years ago, she fell in love with sailing in 2012 in the windy Patagonia and has been working as deckhand for 4 years. She has since travelled all over the world in several yachts.

Passionate of diving and marine life, she either spends her time on or in the water. When not working she enjoys photography, trekking in the mountains and different kinds of sports.

She studied video editing in France and is working her way up to a Yachtmaster.

Her mother language is French, and she speaks English, Spanish and a little bit of German.

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